Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Investigation & Testing

  • General

Indoor air quality complaints can result from a wide variety of problems, including inappropriate humidity or temperature levels, and/or the presence of odors, allergens, nuisance particulates, or chemical contaminants.  However, identifying the underlying source of air quality complaints can often be time consuming, frustrating, and very expensive.  That is why we prefer to conduct a thorough investigation, to try to narrow the field of possibilities, prior to any testing.


Our in-house and associate industrial hygienists can help you pinpoint the source of air quality problems, and provide you with practical and cost-effective recommendations for corrective actions.

  • Occupational Air Contaminants


Our in-house and associate industrial hygienists can provide you with workplace air testing and sampling to confirm that your employees' work environment is in compliance with applicable occupational airborne contaminant exposure limits. 

  • Vapor Intrusion


At contaminated sites, volatile chemicals (e.g., constituents of gasoline and degreasing solvents) can migrate out of the ground, and enter and accumulate inside overlying or nearby buildings.  OMNICON Environmental Management can provide relatively simple and inexpensive air sampling to confirm whether volatile contaminants are present in indoor air at levels which exceed risk-based exposure limits. 

Mold Testing

OMNICON Environmental Management provides a wide range of mold (and bacteria) testing services, including total spore and fragment traps (air), viable mold impactor plates (air), and contaminated surface wipes.  And unlike many other firms, we have in-house microbiologists and industrial hygienists who provide detailed interpretation and explanation of the testing results, and their significance.

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