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Site Cleanup & Remediation

leaking abandoned hazardous waste drums site cleanup industrial assessment

Site Cleanup

OMNICON Environmental Management provides a variety of site cleanup services.

Abandoned Hazardous Wastes:

  • conduct testing to identify and/or characterize the waste materials

  • secure and re-package the wastes as necessary

  • complete required container labeling, paperwork, and manifesting

  • arrange to have the waste materials transported to an appropriate facility for final disposition (i.e., disposal, destruction, treatment/neutralization, stabilization, or recycling/re-processing)

Tank Systems:

  • removal of aboveground tanks

  • decommissioning of underground tanks

Where appropriate, an assessment to determine whether any residual environmental contamination is present is conducted as part of the site cleanup process.

monitoring well hollow stem auger contamination asessment groundwater soil dry claning solvent



A contamination assessment is conducted to confirm which environmental media have been impacted, to delineate the magnitude and extent of the contaminating materials, and to identify the potential exposure risks that might be associated with the contamination.  The results of a contamination assessment allow for the development of a practical, cost-effective scope of work prior to implementing remedial actions.

SVE system removal petroleum hydrocarbon vapor leaking underground tank cleanup site


Where necessary, remediation of residual environmental contamination to appropriate regulatory levels is conducted.


OMNICON Environmental Management can provide a number of remediation services.  Remediation methods and technologies that are available include:


  • excavation (with either treatment or disposal of contaminated soil)

  • biological degradation (active and/or passive)

  • chemical stabilization, neutralization, or degradation

  • vapor extraction (with or without sparging)

  • groundwater extraction

  • migration confinement  (e.g., installation of cutoff curtains and/or barrier membranes) 


  • hazard mitigation (e.g., installation of vapor collection and removal systems)

 There's more information about Site Cleanup & Remediation in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.

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