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Environmental Due Diligence

OMNICON Environmental Management offers a variety of environmental due diligence products and services

former gasolne service station Eugene Lane County Oregon

Phase 1

Assessment Products

  • Transaction Screens


are preliminary inquiries conducted to determine whether there are obvious environmental risks associated with a property of interest.  Transaction Screens are designed to assist prospective purchasers or lessees in deciding whether it is worthwhile to initiate or continue the transaction process, and are typically limited to the use of in-house resources including historical maps, historical aerial photographs, and our exclusive HEIRS    historical occupancy database.

Transaction Screens do not fulfill the requirements of US EPA's All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) rule (40 CFR 312).


  • Environmental Reviews


are All Appropriate Inquiries rule-compliant assessments that are completed using an abbreviated scope and reporting format.  Environmental Reviews are often conducted when a property is being purchased for cash, or private financing is being utilized. 

  • ASTM Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

are due diligence products that are completed using the ASTM E-1527 (or if appropriate, E-2247) assessment process and format.  These assessments are designed to identify, "within the scope and limitations" of ASTM E-1527, "evidence of Recognized Environmental Conditions [RECs, as defined by ASTM E-1527 or E-2247], in connection with the [subject] property".  Most lending institutions, and many granting organizations, require that an ASTM assessment be conducted.

ASTM assessments conducted by OMNICON Environmental Management strictly comply with the specifications of ASTM E-1527 or E-2247, and also meet the requirements of US EPA's All Appropriate Inquiries rule (40 CFR 312).

  • Comprehensive Environmental Due Diligence Assessments

are Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments that are conducted using the process and format that was first developed by OMNICON Environmental Management in 1989.   These assessments identify, evaluate, and discuss all significant environmental issues that are potentially associated with the subject property... they are the highest level of environmental due diligence that is available.  Our Comprehensive Environmental Due Diligence Assessments fully comply with US EPA's All Appropriate Inquiries rule (40 CFR 312).

GeoProbe borehole bulk fuel storage aboveground tanks contaminaton assessment

Phase 2

Assessment Products

OMNICON Environmental Management has 35 years experience conducting Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments.

We carefully evaluate soil and groundwater hydrology conditions, the types and sources of potential contaminants, and then design a cost-effective scope of work to determine whether a property has in fact been impacted by environmental contamination. 

The scope of a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment can include, as appropriate for site history and conditions, sampling and analysis of:

  • soil

  • groundwater

  • surface water

  • sludge

  • interior dust

  • building materials

Geophysical surveys to detect sub-surface features such as underground tanks can also be incorporated into a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment.

sanborn fir insurance map eugene city oregon

Assessment Review

and Evaluation

Using a previously-prepared environmental assessment is completely acceptable, provided that the work-product was prepared by a qualified and competent professional, is complete and up-to-date, and most importantly, contains findings and conclusions that are accurate.

Assessment reports provided by a previous owner, seller, lessor, or any other third party should always be independently reviewed and evaluated to assure that they meet your environmental due diligence needs, and adequately protect your environmental liability exposures.

OMNICON Environmental Management provides timely and very reasonably-priced environmental assessment review and evaluation services.

 There's more information about Environmental Due Diligence in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.

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