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Strategic Planning

Every endeavor in life needs a plan: A "road map" that shows you the path from where you are now, to where you ultimately want to be. 


OMNICON Research & Information Systems can develop a custom strategic plan that is designed to help you achieve your goals.  Our strategic plans include defined waypoints which allow for capitalizing upon new or unrealized opportunities, and both qualitative and quantitative metrics to evaluate the progress towards your desired end-point.  

Performance Optimization

Everything in this world has an intrinsic peak level of performance.  OMNICON Research & Information Systems can help you maximize returns by optimizing the performance of things like:


  • products

  • brands

  • sales, services, & service delivery platforms

  • business models

  • organizational structures

  • management systems

  • customer satisfaction & retention programs

  • quality assurance methodologies


Our Performance Optimization evaluations are designed to identify potential deficiencies, with this information then being used to develop practical, real-world recommendations for improvements and/or corrective actions.

For Environmental and Occupational Health consulting services, please visit 

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