Frederick W. Scalise

Founder and Principal

Frederick W. Scalise holds degrees in Microbiology (B.Sc), Biology (M.Sc), and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (Ph.D), and has conducted published, peer-reviewed research in those disciplines. 

​​​​​​​Dr. Scalise began providing general business consulting services in 1977.   OMNICON Research & Information Systems was founded, as a formalization of that independent consulting activity, in Middletown, Connecticut in 1983. 

In response to Increasing demand for environmental and occupational health consulting services, OMNICON Environmental Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary, was opened in Eugene, Oregon in 1987.  At that same time, OMNICON Research & Information Systems was re-focused on providing Strategic Planning and Performance Optimization consultant services.


​Dr. Scalise has served as the Principal and Senior Consultant for OMNICON Research & Information Systems since 1983, and for OMNICON Environmental Management, since 1987.  He is also a Firefighter/Engineer, and Hazardous Materials Specialist with the Lane Fire Authority, and teaches hazardous materials training programs for emergency first responders. 


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